Friday, September 30, 2011

Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips

Type: Snack
Description: Dried Sweet Potato Chips

The packaging for these is really elegant. I swear, that's how they get you! I dropped a whopping $4 on this small bag of chips because I thought they may be worth trying. Now I've tried dried vegetable chips before, but these are a little bit different. They're of course, shaped like fries rather than the standard potato "chip", and they are covered in a shiny glossy coating and sesame seeds.
They're too hard! They're harder to chew than banana chips! The flavor is okay, very subtle, salty and sweet. The sesame seeds don't do much other than remind you that these are supposed to taste like roasted sweet potato. I only ate a couple because they are just so hard! I tried to let them sit for a while to see if maybe letting them get a little bit stale would soften them up, but they didn't. Still too hard. Totally not worth the price. I might buy these again if they came in smaller quantity pouches or something, and only if I was really in the mood for them. Don't waste your time unless you're a sucker for fancy packaging.

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