Friday, April 1, 2011

Green Fresh Coconut Juice

green coconut juice

Coconut Juice

Origin: Philippines
Type: Drink
Description: Coconut Juice

There's not much to say about this bottle of coconut juice because that's all that it is! Coconut juice, water, sugar, and coconut pulp. These are the only ingredients. The juice itself is delicious and tastes the same as if you were to open a young coconut from the market and just drink the juice right there. It reminds me of the many cultural festivals in the area that I've been to where they do just that. They sell you a coconut, hack a hole in it, and put a straw in it. That's exactly what this tastes like. To tell you the truth, I could really go without the pulp though. It looks really cool, but the little chunks are kind of hard to swallow and will get stuck in your throat if you're not careful. Overall, this is a really refreshing and delicious drink, perfect for the warm weather we've been having.