Friday, July 29, 2011

Ramune Soda

foreign drink


Origin: Japan
Type: Soda
Description: carbonated deliciousness

As cliche as it is, it's obligatory to cover this in a foreign snack blog. Ladies and gentleman, Ramune Soda. If you haven't heard of Ramune, you've probably been living under a rock. Ramune soda has become very popular in the last few years among kids that go to anime conventions and partake in other weeaboo practices. If you want more soda for less, and to avoid annoying cultural faux pas, go to a market and pick up this bottle instead of the gimmicky one with the marble in it.
Personally, I only drink Ramune Soda in the summer time when it's hot. Not sure why, but it just tastes better in the Summer. When it's hot out, Ramune soda can and will cool you down with its flavor that's something like the cross between 7up, bubblegum soda, and something else. Yeah, it's definitely a unique flavor, not overly sweet like western drinks either. It's just Ramune soda. There's nothing else to say. It's not really that special.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pierniczki Alpejskie

Pierniczki Alpejskie

Origin: Poland
Type: Cookie
Description: Chocolate covered gingerbread with filling

When I first picked these up, I had no idea what they were. Were they candy? Cookies? Whatever they were, they were cute and looked good. I was about to find out just how good these really were.

Opening the bag, there's a faint smell of chocolate. Judging by the look of the treats you would think that chocolate outside would probably taste like that of one of those cheap chocolate donuts. Boy was I wrong! The chocolate outside is the best that I've ever tasted on a cookie or any preserved dessert for that matter. It's like a fine dark artisan chocolate was drizzled atop these delectable delights. Biting into it, you notice that the cookie part is so soft! Extremely soft gingerbread that's by no means overwhelming. It's just right.

Inside is a delicious strawberry filling. Its texture and flavor are also just right. Is this it? Have I discovered one of the most delicious delectable dessert treats of all time?! It's so good! Please try these, you won't regret it!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bottle Green Tea

Green Tea

Origin: Thailand
Type: Drink
Description: Japanese style green tea

Yes! Japanese style green tea from Tailand. In most Asian countries bottle tea is the order of the day. Unlike artificial teas in America and Europe, most Asian teas don't contain artificial sweeteners like their western counterparts and are differentiated by their subtle flavor differences. Plain green tea in a bottle is really refreshing. This tea tastes very much like different Japanese green teas that I've had, but it's really light on the roasted earthy flavor that the other teas have. In fact, this may be even more refreshing than those! The flavor is very subtle and there's no weird aftertaste. It's just smooth and refreshing, the way bottled tea should be. I could drink this everyday, it's so good!

Friday, July 8, 2011



Origin: America
Type: Garnish
Description: Alcohol infused whipped cream

alcohol whipped cream

A label on a bottle of something with cream in it that says "do not refrigerate", should set off some early warning signals. This is CREAM, alcohol infused whipped cream. It is 15% alcohol and only needs to be shaken rigorously before use and does not require refrigeration after opening.

whipped cream alcohol
The consistency is kind of runny for whipped cream and it has trouble holding it's shape. The smell is, well, strong. It smells like cheap grain alcohol. The flavor by itself is okay at first, it has hints of raspberry and a little bit of sweetness but then the alcohol kicks you in the teeth. It tastes really cheap. It's kind of gross really.
alcohol whipped cream
I made some delightful shots of Chambord and Creme de cacao, topped with the CREAM, but that didn't save it. This alcohol infused whipped cream is nothing more than an overpriced gimmick. Don't try it unless you like the taste of crappy cheap booze.


foreign candy


Origin: Switzerland
Type: Candy
Description: Chocolate with nougat

Toblerone is a pretty popular chocolate, and not just in Switzerland. Toblerone can also be found in many candy and grocery stores all over the world, including right here in America. The first time I had the pleasure of trying this sweet treat was years ago in my German language class back in high school (I was also in German club just in case you're wondering). Our teacher would bring in all kinds of European snacks and treats for us to try as part of the cultural experience. This was one that stuck with me for some time.

foreign candy

At most markets here Toblerone can go for as much as $3 but I was lucky enough to find this and the fruit and nut version at the local dollar store. Toblerone is delicious! it comes in a bar of break apart triangle shaped pieces. The chocolate is smooth and tastes like other Swiss chocolates that I've tried before.

foreign candy

Inside you'll find chewy pieces of honey nougat and almond bits. This is definitely one of those chocolates that's made to be savored. Letting it melt in your mouth and getting the full flavor of the chocolate and then enjoying the little nougat bits is the way I like to eat Toberone. Toblerone is one of my favorite chocolate bars of all time. If you find one at your local market, I suggest you pick one up and try it for yourself.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mayonnaise Bread

foreign snacks

Mayo Bread

Origin: Chinese Market
Type: Specialty Bread
Description: Bread with Mayonnaise filling

The best thing about going to the market a few minutes before they close is that everything in their bakery is 30% off. All the delicious breads, cakes, desserts, savory snacks, everything is at reduced price. It was the first time that I'd seen this particular bread. It looked good so I grabbed it along with other bread things that I'll probably cover later.

foreign snacks

The top of the bread is covered in this powdery meat product. It reminds me of that shredded beef jerky you can buy in those little plastic containers that look like chewing tobacco. The texture and the taste was just like that! It's dry, salty and kind of gross. The bread itself was little more sweet, until you get to the center.

foreign snacks

Inside the bread is the mayo filling. It's salty, greasy, not all that good. It has a unique flavor that I can't quite place and the texture is more like butter than mayonnaise. The individual parts of this bread thing are gross separately but if you take a big bite of all of the ingredients together, it's not bad. The sweetness of the bread meshes nicely with the saltiness and textures of the mayo and meat product. If you're an adventurous eater, it's worth a try.