Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seaweed Snack

Seaweed Snack

Origin: Korea
Type: Snack
Description: Seasoned Dried Seaweed

 Long ago, I once had a roommate from Korea. He would take me along with him when he made a grocery run. That was the first time that I encountered these wonderful seaweed snacks, and I still buy them today. There are quite a variety of brands to choose from, but this is the one that I purchased most recently.

It is exactly what it looks like, a small package of dried seaweed. They look like little sheets of paper, and smell like sesame oil. The texture when you bite into them is crispy, but not hard. It's soft and dissolves in your mouth, much like rice paper but with a better flavor. It definitely tastes like roasted seaweed, a little bit earthy, bitter, sweet, salty, all at the same time. The texture and flavor definitely fit. These can be eaten by themselves, with rice, as a side dish, or even use it as a garnish.

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