Friday, July 22, 2011

Pierniczki Alpejskie

Pierniczki Alpejskie

Origin: Poland
Type: Cookie
Description: Chocolate covered gingerbread with filling

When I first picked these up, I had no idea what they were. Were they candy? Cookies? Whatever they were, they were cute and looked good. I was about to find out just how good these really were.

Opening the bag, there's a faint smell of chocolate. Judging by the look of the treats you would think that chocolate outside would probably taste like that of one of those cheap chocolate donuts. Boy was I wrong! The chocolate outside is the best that I've ever tasted on a cookie or any preserved dessert for that matter. It's like a fine dark artisan chocolate was drizzled atop these delectable delights. Biting into it, you notice that the cookie part is so soft! Extremely soft gingerbread that's by no means overwhelming. It's just right.

Inside is a delicious strawberry filling. Its texture and flavor are also just right. Is this it? Have I discovered one of the most delicious delectable dessert treats of all time?! It's so good! Please try these, you won't regret it!

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