Friday, July 8, 2011



Origin: America
Type: Garnish
Description: Alcohol infused whipped cream

alcohol whipped cream

A label on a bottle of something with cream in it that says "do not refrigerate", should set off some early warning signals. This is CREAM, alcohol infused whipped cream. It is 15% alcohol and only needs to be shaken rigorously before use and does not require refrigeration after opening.

whipped cream alcohol
The consistency is kind of runny for whipped cream and it has trouble holding it's shape. The smell is, well, strong. It smells like cheap grain alcohol. The flavor by itself is okay at first, it has hints of raspberry and a little bit of sweetness but then the alcohol kicks you in the teeth. It tastes really cheap. It's kind of gross really.
alcohol whipped cream
I made some delightful shots of Chambord and Creme de cacao, topped with the CREAM, but that didn't save it. This alcohol infused whipped cream is nothing more than an overpriced gimmick. Don't try it unless you like the taste of crappy cheap booze.

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