Friday, May 20, 2011

Yan Yan Hazelnut

Yan Yan Hazelnut

Origin: Japan
Type: Snack
Description: Cookie sticks with hazelnut cream

Yan Yan is always a great choice for a quick delicious snack. Yan Yan can be found in most American super markets, but they usually only have Strawberry and/or Chocolate. I went to the local Asian market and was delighted to find new flavors! This is the Hazelnut flavored Yan Yan. Each pack contains cookie sticks that you dip into the flavored cream that comes with it. It's like Pocky, except you have to dip it yourself. The first thing I noticed with this Yan Yan compared to other Yan Yan that I've had before is that the sticks didn't have the cute little animal quotes they usually have on them. Oh well, this is a snack, so that's not really important. The cookies themselves are pretty plain, but that's why you have the dip. The dip of this one tastes just like Nutella. It's like the cross between hazelnuts and chocolate. Pretty good. I think I actually like this better than the chocolate variety Yan Yan.

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