Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello Kitty Tropical Mango Marshmallows

hello kitty marshmallows

Hello Kitty Mango Marshmallows

Origin: Japan/USA
Type: Candy
Description: Marshmallow Balls with Jelly Filling

I found these on my last market run. They looked good, but they were kind of over priced. Charging $3.50 for a bag of marshmallows just because it has some cartoon cat on the front should be a crime. When you open the bag you get that nice artificial mango smell. Mango is one of my favorite fruits so this is quite the treat.

hello kitty marshmallows

They're so small, cute and squishy! There aren't that many in the bag though, which is a disappointment, especially when you consider the price.

hello kitty marshmallow

When you bite into one you'll find just a tiny amount of mango flavored jelly. It's alright, but there's not enough in there. It's just a super tiny dot compared to the marshmallow part. The flavor over all is like that of mango with flowery notes. It's not as strong as I would like flavor wise and not as sweet as expected for this kind of snack. They're pretty good, but I probably wouldn't buy them again.

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