Monday, March 28, 2011

Lychee Calpico, Ramune, and Soho

japanese beverage

Lychee Drinks!

Origin: Japan
Type: Drink
Description: Non-carbonated lychee beverage

Calpico is a popular drink in Japan. It's a non-carbonated beverage that tastes like tangy yogurt. While Calpico by itself is already quite delicious, I was very excited when I found that there was a lychee flavor. Lychee is a small fruit that has a hard shell. The inside has the consistency of a grape with a big pit in the middle. The flavor is very unique, almost flowery. It's hard to describe unless you've tried it. Lychee is by far one of my favorite flavors ever so I would describe drinking this as heaven in a bottle. Yes, one of the best drinks I've ever had.

A while back I had the pleasure of trying both Lychee Soho and Lychee Ramune Soda. The Ramune soda was a little disappointing. The lychee flavor was weak and the soda was a little too acidic for my liking. The Lychee Soho on the other hand was delicious! Mixed with some club soda, it made a really refreshing beverage. I would recommend the Soho, but not so much the lychee ramune.

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