Monday, March 7, 2011

Schoko Bananen

Schoko Bananen

Country: Austria
Type: Candy
Description: Chocolate covered banana mousse

foreign food
Review: The description on this box of Schoko Bananen explains that it's made from real bananas, Chiquita bananas to be exact. This is obvious as the smell of banana is so strong when you first open the box! Look inside and you'll see that there are 2 layers of Bananen snacks in the box, enough to go around for sure.
When you bite into the schoko bananen, the first thing you'll notice is the chocolate shell, it is not that impressive, kind of bland actually. The mousse on the inside tastes of real banana and has a texture similar to marshmallow candy. It's very sticky, a little sweet, and somewhat tart. The sourness of the banana goes well with the chocolate, it brings out the flavor of the chocolate that would be otherwise bland. Overall it's a very rich candy, not something you could eat too many of at once without feeling ill. A simple delicious treat, I would recommend Schoko Bananen to anyone.

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