Monday, March 28, 2011

Lucky Stars Chips

foreign snack

Lucky Stars

Origin: Chinese Super Market
Type: Chips
Description: Shaped Potato chips

foreign snacks
I picked up these chips at the local Chinese market because they were on sale, on sale for $1.39. How that's any cheaper than the other potato chips, I may never know. The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag is that there's more air in there than potato chips, but at least it smells good! It's like if you were to take the smell of regular potato chips and amplify it a couple times over. Yummy!

asian potato chips
Even though these are called lucky stars, there are no star shaped chips! They're shaped like the different suits of cards in a deck; hearts, diamonds, spades, and clovers. These chips taste as good as they smell. They're crunchier than regular chips, thicker too. They also have a slight sweetness to them and a strong potato flavor. If you can find a bag at your local market, I would suggest trying them out for yourself.

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