Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Battle of the Teas!

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Thai Tea Showdown!

Origin: Thailand
Type: Drink
Description: 2 types of Thai tea

This week I decided to put 2 different Thai teas against each other to see which is best! Both cost about the same, about $1.50. Both are the same color and consistency, but how do the flavors match up? Well first I tried the one in the bottle. It is sweet, creamy, and delicious! It's not quite the strength that I like my Thai tea though, but that's to be expected since I'm mostly used to getting it at a restaurant or making it myself. This seems a little watered down in comparison. That's okay though, it makes it a lot more refreshing, not to mention convenient.

Next I tried the can. While there is more in the can, I can't say that the flavor was as good as the first. The canned tea tastes more artificial and as if it has more preservatives in it. It's almost, but not quite, as sweet as the first one. It tastes really cheap too, and has a little bit of that 'sat in the can too long' taste. Yuck!

I'd have to say that the winner for overall taste and quality is the Thai tea in a bottle!

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